Konzert, Philharmonische Gesellschaft (St. Petersburg) / Saal, 15.11.1813

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  • Konzert


  • NACHWEIS: Russkiy Invalid (Russian Invalid ) No 45, 8.11.1813, p. 389; Russian Invalid, No 46, 15.11.1813, p.399;

    ANMERKUNG: "It was the first concert for invalids. Whole profit obtained from selling of entrance cards was used for ministration to the military wounded in course of wars against Napoleon. Afterwards the concerts for invalids occurred every year (from 1816 the concerts were organized by the Direction of Imperial Theatres).";

    PROGRAMMTEILE: "[including:] 1. The Great Miltary Symphony by Berngardt Rohmberg; 2. The aria from opera by Daleirac N.M. (title of opera was not indicated); 3. The concerto from piano by J. Field; 4. The military chorus by J.Sarti; 5. The duet by Daniel Steubelt; 6. the great march dedicated to the entrance of Russian Army in Frankfurt-on-Main by Wilhelm Aumann arranged for wind-instruments by Anton Derfeldt; 7. The trio from opera “Josef” by Meguel E.N.; 8. The musical entertainment by Hartmann J.A. (including the song “God, save the Tzar”, which was an interpretation of English hymn “God, save the King”, made by Vostokov A.H.)";

    BETEILIGTE: "The orchestra of Guardian Regiments; The chorus of Court Chapel; Sandunava Elizaveta Semyonovna (mezzo-soprano); Field John (piano); Samoilova (Chernikova) Sofia Vassiljevna (soprano); Samoilov Vassily Mikhailivich (tenor, husband of Samoilova S.V.); Lafon Charles-Filipp (violin), Zlov Pyotr Vassiljevich (singer, bass), Derfeldt Anton (clarinet), Dornaus Filipp (French horn)";



Beteiligte Körperschaften (2)

Beteiligte Personen (8)

Programm (8)

  1. Große Militärsinfonie
  2. Arie einer Oper
  3. Konzerte, Klavier
  4. Militärchor
  5. Duett
  6. Großer Marsch
  7. Trio
  8. Die musikalische Unterhaltung


  1. Mitteilung nach Recherche von Prof. Dr. Andrej Mikhajlov (St. Petersburg)